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Preferred Restaurant Group

Preferred Restaurant Group is a Taco John's franchisee with our home office located in Minot, ND. We have been a Taco John's franchisee since 1973.

12' x 30' Taco John's
An original 12' x 30' Taco John's
Our first restaurant was a small 12' x 30' taco stand located in Minot, ND. We were small and offered carry out only; but even back then we were known for the Best Tacos in Town. It was very common to see a line of people stretching out into the parking lot during a meal period.

Grand Forks, ND
Today, our restaurants feature state-of-the-art food delivery systems, comfortable dining areas, and most locations offer dual drive-thru systems to provide the quick, efficient, and friendly service we stake our reputation on.

Preferred Restaurant Group currently owns and operates Taco John's restaurants in Minot, Williston and Dickinson North Dakota.


Preferred Restaurant Group is committed to:

  • Our Guests… we sincerely believe our guests are our reason for being. We will work diligently to provide our guests with a quality product, excellent service, and a warm and comfortable atmosphere in which to dine. Through our actions, we will earn the trust of each and every guest.

  • Our Employees… we believe our employees are the single most important ingredient to the future success of our company. We are committed to attracting and hiring quality individuals and providing our employees with a professional atmosphere in which to work. We will continually strive to offer competitive salaries, increased benefits, and advancement opportunities to dedicated, loyal, and deserving employees.

  • Our Communities… we believe in supporting and giving back to our communities. We will look for opportunities to participate in, develop, and enhance various community-oriented programs. We will continue to focus a portion of our efforts to promoting education, fighting cystic fibrosis, and, in general, helping those in need.

  • Our Brand… we are committed to protecting and strengthening our brand. We will work closely and cooperatively with our Franchisor to protect and strengthen our brand on both the local and national level.